Professional Spray Bottle 1L

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This 1 litre Professional Spray Bottle is designed to be versatile, easy to use and provide a professional high-grade application. It’s a premium quality tank and trigger sprayer combo, built with heavy-duty application needs in mind.

Some features of the product:

  • A translucent tank with level indicator (makes for easy measuring of quantities).
  • A bottle base for greater stability.
  • An expert trigger sprayer perfect for Lanoguard spray products.

This spray bottle is optimal for use with any of our spray products – be it Moto Spray, Marine Spray, Outdoor Spray or Moto Electrics Spray. It will provide an even and efficient coating. Because of the high quality build of this product, you can keep it for the long term and simply fill it up with our spray refills, saving yourself money every time!