Dinitrol Application Process

Dinitrol application process

Being the only Dinitrol Approved Treatment centre in Ireland, we follow the strict procedure outlined by Dinitrol and are subject to inspections by their distributors to ensure that we are following the correct procedures, processes and using the right equipment. 

Step 1 - Cleaning

The vehicle is washed thoroughly on a 2 or 4 post lift with a high pressure washer and degreaser, and then with an industrial steam cleaner at 120 degrees. Steam cleaning at 4000 psi ensures that any grease, oil etc. is removed to make sure the products work best and last as long as possible. After this the vehicle is left to dry outdoors and in a heated warehouse, with dry compressed air used to get rid of any hidden water and a large fan used to speed up the process if needed before converter is applied. 

Step 2 - Rust Removal

After this, as standard any loose surface rust is removed with a needle gun and wire brushes. Or if you can afford to do it, we recommend choosing to have your axles, chassis and other areas of heavy corrosion blasted as this leaves a really good finish and makes for a better job all round.


Step 3 - Rust Converter

Dinitrol RC800 and Dinitrol RC900 are applied at this stage to all corrosion still visible, this is done after blasting and prior to the vehicle going onto the treatment ramp. These products neutralise rust and drive out moisture in the metal. This goes some way to reverting the damaged metal back to good strong metal. This product takes 24 hours to fully cure.



Step 4 - Mask & Preparation

The vehicle is fully masked up for spraying to prevent any over spray reaching the paint work. This also includes the drive train, exhaust, heat shields. If engine and gearbox guards are fitted and made of steel these will be removed and also treated with Dinitrol products.


Step 5 - Treatment 

The next stage is internal chassis protection. Dinitrol ML is an oil based produced and is applied to the inside of the chassis using a 360 degree lance. 

The main component of the Dinitrol family of products is then applied. This is Dinitrol 4941 self healing underbody coating.


FMK Dinitrol treatment


The final product to be applied is Dinitrol 445 which is a stonechip, this is applied to wheel arches for maximum protection.


Step 6 - Rebuild 

The vehicle is rebuilt. Where bolts holding wheel arch liners or wheel studs are rotten or broke when stripping we replace these with OE matching quality fixings. We keep a large range of bolts and clips from OE suppliers so we can replace like for like.

Step 7 - Final Inspection

Once the vehicle is rebuilt a final check takes place before the vehicle is ready for the customer. Photographs are taken and passed on to the owner as proof of the work carried out.


Generally the complete treatment takes  6-7 working days. Should any welding repairs be necessary we can quote for these and have them taken care of prior to treatment. This may delay the time of when your treatment can be completed but we will do our best to accommodate it as soon as welding is completed. 


We also have a list of optional extra work we can carry out when your vehicle is with us. Within reason these do not mean we need the vehicle for any further length of time.