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This pack gives you everything you need to apply Lanoguard products to customer vehicles or whole fleets of commercial/industrial vehicles, giving you great value for money.

This kit contains:

  • Our 10L Stainless Steel Pressure Sprayer Applicator (and accessories) - perfect for applying Lanoguard sprays quickly and efficiently. This sprayer is built to last. Pump up manually, or use your air-line to pressurise the vessel and give you super easy applications. The sprayer comes with a carry strap, a 5m hose, as well as a variety of misting and fan nozzles, and a misting injection wand for box sections and inner sills.
  • Our Pro2 Pressure Sprayer - this smaller pressure sprayer is a more handheld vessel, manoeuvrable, and comes with its own misting injection wand and nozzles too for manual pump up and easy pressure spraying on smaller vehicles.
  • 2 x Professional Sprayer Bottles - this kit also provides you with two of our Pro Sprayer Bottles. These are trigger sprayer based and are ideal for applying to more nimble areas, and topping up on the more intricate parts of vehicle underbodies and machinery.
  • 2 x Beanie Hat - cuffed beanie hats in black, one size Fits all & embroidered in red with the Lanoguard logo. (While stocks last)