Underbody Chassis Kit + Injector Pack Bundle

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Our bestselling Underbody Chassis Kit + Injector Pack Bundle gives you everything you need to easily protect your vehicle underbody and accessories from the elements. This prepacked kit offers you the best value for money.

  • Long lasting rust prevention and waterproofing kit for vehicle underbody and whole chassis
  • Resistant to jet-washing, heat, salt, acid and alkaline
  • Easy application with very little prep needed and minimal mess
  • Non perishing and non-conductive (use it on rubbers, plastics and electric components too! No masking up needed)
  • Our Injector Pack for versatile application and protection of sills and box sections
  • The Additional professional, premium quality spray bottle with a level indicator (easily measure product quantity!) excellent for the injector wand kit and as an in your garage quick job “grab and do” bottle, or to quick top up or do missed bits or for other machines and uses around your work/life. 

This bundle pack contains our Underbody Chassis Kit and our Injector Pack which work excellently together to provide protection for your valuable vehicles and machinery with a simple yet thorough application. Moto Spray and Moto Grease are versatile, heavy duty products which will provide a rust-proofing and waterproofing barrier against the harsh outdoors.

This deal combines these products with a set of application tools, giving you what you need to easily protect your chassis' inside and out. With a flexible sprayer & hose extension kit, our 1L Professional Sprayer Bottle and our 360° Injector Wand, you'll be able to apply our sprays and greases to suit any need or use you may have.


Sizes available:

  • Regular

For 1 large vehicle + a top up coat

  • Moto Spray 2L
  • Moto Grease 600ml
  • Sprayer & Hose Kit
  • 360 Injector Wand
  • Professional Spray Bottle 1L


    • Large

    For 2+ large vehicles and top up coats

    • Moto Spray 5L

    • Moto Grease 600ml

    • Sprayer & Hose Kit

    • 360 Injector Wand

    • Professional Spray Bottle 1L