DINITROL 447 PROTECT SUPER Black – 1 Litre Canister

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Stone chipping & corrosion protection coating

Black coloured long-term protection product against corrosion and stone chipping with a synthetic resin/plastic basis. After drying, the materials are resistant to carbon hydride-based cold cleaning agents, surfactant-based acid and alkaline high pressure cleaners, salt water and road salt.


Application fields:
The product is particularly well-suited for after-treatment of auto-bodies. DINITROL 447 Protect Super does not attack PVC coatings, is asbestos- and bitumen-free, permanently elastic and resists stone impact and road salt. After thorough drying, DINITROL 447 Protect Super can be coated with all conventional paints.

Method of application:
DINITROL 447 Protect Super is sprayed onto the dry, dust- and grease-free surface evenly and in criss-cross pattern, using 4 – 6 bar air pressure and a customary gun for underbody protection. DINITROL 447 Protect Super can be painted over when thoroughly dry. Splashes can be removed with a benzene-soaked cloth.

  • Colour: black (also available in grey)
  • Base: resin / rubber
  • Spec. weight: approx. 1 g/ml
  • Solids content: approx. 50%
  • Working temperature: 10 − 25°C
  • Water solubility: insoluble in water
  • Paintable: after thorough drying
  • Recommended film thickness wet: 1000 µm
  • Salt spray test DIN 50021: > 400 h
  • Storage period: 24 months