Granville Rust Converter

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Granville Rust Converter is a co-polymer latex combined with organic chelating agents designed for application to corroded ferrous substrates. Rust Converter actively converts the rust present on the substrate into a stable organic iron complex. As the polymer dries it forms an impermeable barrier to oxygen and moisture effectively sealing out any further corrosion. Rust Converter has an extremely low order of toxicity and does not contain phosphoric acid or lead. Rust Converter exhibits excellent resistance to acid and alkali splashes. Contact with aliphatic or aromatic solvents will cause softening of the film which will recover.

Granville Rust Converter has been successfully used on the following applications:- automotive shells and chassis, ships ballast tanks, steel bridges, brine tanks, harbour installations, lamp posts, oil rigs, railings, sewage treatment works, storage tanks, structural girders and railway vehicles.