Lanoguard Marine Prop-Tection

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Superior long lasting protection for your propeller against corrosion and marine growth, whilst caring for the environment too.  

This product has been developed specifically for application to a boat propeller and prop shaft to prevent corrosion and barnacle build up and to keep your propeller clean to ensure its streamline operation and efficient drive and use.  Prop-Tection is a non-petroleum grease making it ecologically sound whilst having properties that way out perform standard greases in harsh marine and boating environments.  

Being a grease, it can also be used as a very versatile multi-purpose marine environment grease, lubricant and anti seize wherever you would use standard grease.  It will last a lot longer, won’t evaporate, will not be displaced by jet washing or stormy weather and it will prevent all electrolysis therefore perform far better than a standard grease you've used before.  

Here is an brief video showing what else to do whilst you apply to the propeller too:



So once you have protected your propeller remember to use this for lubrication of pins, bushes, splines, shafts, battery terminals, winches and cables, or as an anti-seize on nuts and bolts preventing galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals.  And because it is natural and non-petroleum, it can be used as rubber grease without fear of perishing too.

Take a look at the Features page to really understand what makes Lanoguard work once you understand this, you can really see what you would want to use it.

Click here to find out how easy it is to apply Lanoguard - you'll also find product-specific user guides as well as FAQs and troubleshooting.